Yesterday I packed my bags and moved to London, baby!

If you’re interested in my adventures here, I started to blog about it

Yesterday I’ve watched this. Today I’ve read this

Current status: minor panic attack because this reminded me of stuff that happened 5 years ago that I thought I already forgotten and moved on. It was far from the scale of any situations described in these links, but I still remember the hateful messages, emails, comments and my photoshopped pictures on Polish clone of 4chan. I kinda thought that it’s the worst that could ever happen to me, but maybe it’s not, which scares the hell out of me. 

If you watched “The Power of Vulnerability” talk by Brene Brown and loved it, then this is even more amazing. Really helped me deliver the most vulnerable talk in my life on Monday at PyWaw.

Okay, then?

Ok, A Note from the Universe is probably the cheesiest newsletter I am subscribed to but sometimes in the morning it is really helpful to find a note like this in your inbox:

You’re beautiful enough, Ola. 

You’re special enough. 

You’re sexy, playful, and fun enough. 

You’ve worked enough. 

You’ve cried enough. 

You’ve been grateful, generous, and kind enough. 

Okay, then? 
    The Universe

A Note from the Universe — reading minds since 1998.

If you only can watch one thing this week, make it this. Maybe I have too much feels today, but this talk by amazing Tina Roth Eisenberg really touched me. 

It is also quite amazing that I happen to be a speaker at Creative Mornings in Warsaw, I use on daily basis and I also ordered Tattly. All gave me great experiences, all came from the one person and I didn’t even knew about it until now. In the moment when I learned about this, it absolutely “clicked”. 

In love with the idea of labour of love. 

How to be Polite

I’ve read an amazing essay today. Recommended for everyone. Click here

Umwelt means environment in German, but as it was borrowed into English it took on a more subjective meaning. According to the OED:

noun (plural Umwelten) “the world as it is experienced by a particular organism.”

Your sense of candy-apple red is part of your umwelt. So is the feel of your clothes on your skin, the shadows and sounds more likely to scare you at night, the music that makes you feel brave, and the tastes that transport you with pleasure. You will live you whole life trapped in your umwelt, with only a few glimpses of what other people’s umwelten might be like from immersing yourself in the media they create, and employing your imagination. You will spend your entire life totally alone in your umwelt.

If I want to reach you, all I can do is make impressions on the surface of your umwelt, like a hand pressing against a window. We communicate with each other, but to some degree, we will always communicate like astronauts, tapping helmets together to pass sound waves through our spacesuits.

It is lonely to think of ourselves this way, but it is also true, and humbling. Everyone you pass is having a world of their own, as rich and deep as yours, seven billions lives right now, all infinitely strange worlds. We have to make assumptions about everyone else just to get through our days.

Universe got me thinking

This Note from the Universe landed in my inbox today:

Has anyone ever told you, Ola, that you have a knack for making people feel special? 

Important? Like they really matter? 

I should know. 

Note from the Universe is always sweet and all, but it really got me thinking today. Do I? 

I don’t really know. Maybe. It’d be awesome if I *do* make someone feel important. 

So, here is a new goal: make at least one person feel special every day. Sooo looking forward to that! 

The folks who keep doing little things, expecting BIG results, especially when circumstances seem to indicate that tomorrow will pretty much look exactly the same as yesterday.

These are the world’s movers and shakers.

The People


I just came back from EuroPython filled with great memories and feelings that make me warm inside :)

Most of all, I am pretty sure that we started something much much more bigger than we are and that we empowered a lot of people by doing really small things. This is something I am really proud of and most importantly, thankful to everyone for their generosity.

I travelled to a lot of conferences before, but this year one thing particulary hit me: I’m really going to miss all of these wonderful people so much! I left with tears in my eyes and I am not even a person who cries easily. This year I finally had time to have all this long conversations, play stupid games, really get to know someone and make some good friendships. The whole week really allowed us to make meaningful connections.

I only saw two talks and it was easily the best conference I’ve been too. 

But I think there is one particular group that I have to be thankful for that: Django Girls. Amazing energy, motivation, hard work and sense of adventure that we went on together made us feel really close. I didn’t do much during the workshop: just made sure that everyone has internet, power and food to go through the day. But it still gave me so much! I learned a lot from every wonderful woman who came for our first workshop. The energy and excitement coming from both attendees and coaches was like nothing I ever seen before. 

The whole thing made me realize how many awesome people there are in our community. It made me feel like I am a part of the family. 

You know, it’s all about the people again.